Academic Competition

Academic competition comes in many varieties and formats but generally involves any display of personal knowledge in a competitive context. Whether tested by multiple choice exams or buzzer toss-ups, academic competition provides an opportunity for students to be recognized and rewarded for their intellectual prowess. ACE uses points, medals and arenas to promote and incent educational growth in curious students while fostering a healthy spirit for competition!

If you or your student...

  • is curious and competitive –
  • shines in an academic arena –
  • enjoys games and tournaments –
  • loves learning and wants all the answers –
  • consistently strives to be better and brighter –

then you might be an academic competitor!

Academic Competition Creed

"As an academic competitor, I commit to showing respect for all other competitors and to using competition as an opportunity to learn and grow.”


Academic competition…

  • broadens a student’s understanding of the universe.
  • develops skills in teamwork, communication, and responsibility.
  • serves as an outlet for curiosity and a reward system for hard work.
  • provides an opportunity to exhibit knowledge from inside and outside the classroom.

The mission of ACE is to inspire and recognize academic excellence in students nationwide.