ACE coordinates many diverse academic competitions that challenge students to rise to new heights!

The National History Bee is an exciting academic competition centered on the study of history! Students compete in three stages that start in the classroom and end at the National Finals. All questions and content relate to middle school-level social studies. The National History Bee and Bowl program is owned by NHBB, LLC, and its middle school grade divisions are operated and coordinated by ACE.

The ACE Camps are the preeminent summer camp experience for academic competitors in America! ACE Campers participate in Class sessions, Practice sessions, and Tournaments over the course of five days all in an effort to become better and brighter academic competitors!

Champion Reader is a book-reading competition program for students across the United States! Students are provided aid materials and medals for completing the 20 books on the Champion Reader List as well as opportunities to interact with and compete against other Champion Readers at the Regional and National ReaderFairs! Champion Reader is owned and operated by ACE.

The ACE Classic Series is a succession of weekend academic competitions meant to determine the best academic competitor in the land! Each of the ACE Classics contains a Main Event for three divisions as well as the Anniversary Doubles and ACE Quiz Night! The ACE Classic Series is owned and operated by ACE.