Stage 3: National Finals

The National History Bee’s final stage is the National Finals, which sees students from all across the United States compete for the title of National History Bee Grand Champion! The National Finals are held each year during an exciting weekend of competitions and activities!

Format / Rules

Format and Rules of the National History Bee Finals can be found here

Date / Location

The Preliminary Rounds of the National Finals will be held on June 2nd and 3rd and Championship Rounds will be held on June 4th. All activities and competition rounds will be held in Atlanta, GA.

Eligibility / Divisions

Students must have qualified via the Regional Finals to be eligible to participate in the National Finals.

2017 National Finals Divisions
Eighth Grade Division (8th Grade)
Seventh Grade Division (7th Grade)
Elementary Division (4th - 6th Grade)
Students only compete against other students in their grade division.

Other Activities

The weekend of the National Finals contains a number of other activities for students, parents, and teachers alike!

  • National History Bowl (Middle Grade) National Championship
  • National Sports and Entertainment Bee
  • National Citizenship Bee
  • Subject Exams
  • ACE Quiz Night