Stage 1: Classroom Stage

Classroom Stage activities are completely optional – they can be used by Sponsors to determine which students will participate in the (not optional) Online Exam. After registering, Sponsors receive access to several materials to be used in the classroom for preparation and fun! These activities include:

Intramural Bee

Materials to conduct an optional on-stage, question-and-answer “Bee” activity for the classroom or your entire school!

Study Guide Tests

The Official Study Guides as well as a series of social studies multiple-choice exams related to the Study Guide content

National History Bowl

Sample materials for the National History Bowl, a team-centered social studies competition! National History Bee Sponsors also receive discounts on National History Bowl materials.

Official Study Guides

The Official Study Guides can be found here: US History & World History

The Study Guides are prepared by Hexco Academic and meant to literally “guide” students through the most prominent and significant figures and events from history. Reading through these guides should prompt students to think of history not just as a set of facts to memorize, although that’s important too, but instead to consider large-scale historical progress and the truly BIG concepts that tie those facts together.

There is so much more history than what is in those pages though, so use these as just a launchpad for more history exploration!

Online Exam

Each Sponsor (the adult responsible for the registration) administers the Online Exam to students they have selected with or without a Classroom Stage activity. The Online Exam uses the ACE Written Exam Rules, and may be administered any time between:

December 5th - 28th, 2016

The registration fee for the National History Bee relates to the number of Online Exam participants:

Registration Type Fee Sponsor administers Online Exam:
Individual Registration $25 to 1 student
Classroom Registration $100 to a maximum of 10 students
School Registration $250 to a maximum of 100 students