The National History Bee is an exciting academic competition designed to motivate and reward students for studying history! Students compete in three stages that begin in your classroom!

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Classroom Stage

The National History Bee starts in your classroom. Sponsors can choose from a variety of optional Classroom Stage activities to determine which students will take the Online Exam. Activities include an Intramural Bee and the National History Bowl.

Regional Finals

The highest-scoring students on the Online Exam are invited to attend the Regional Finals, an exciting opportunity for students to display their knowledge and qualify for the National Finals!

National Finals

Regional Champions and National Qualifiers are invited to compete in the National Finals. The weekend of National Finals contains additional side competitions and activities for the whole family!

Register your students!

All ages welcome us for the National History Fair!

The Sponsor is the adult (teacher, parent, etc) who is responsible for the registration. The responsibilities for each Sponsor are outlined at the Sponsor Home.

In order to register, sponsors need to fill out the Online Form or the Paper Form.

The registration fee for the National History Bee is related to the number of students who will take the Online Exam (decided by the Sponsor).

Related Activities

Students who enjoy the National History Bee will love the National History Fair! Students who participate in the National History Bee may also enjoy the International History Olympiad, as well as the National History Bee and Bowl's High School Division.