Champion Reader is a book-reading competition program for students in grades 8 and below. Readers who complete the 20 books on the Champion Reader List earn medals and an opportunity to compete against other Champion Readers at the Regional ReaderFairs!



In the First Phase, Readers complete the first ten books on the Champion Reader List and take the corresponding Online Test. Readers who pass the test receive a medal!


In the Second Phase, Readers complete the next ten books on the Champion Reader List and either take the corresponding Online Test or attend the National Academic Fair!

Do you know a Champion Reader?

The Reader’s Sponsor is the adult (teacher, parent, etc) who is responsible for the Reader’s registration. The responsibilities for each Sponsor are outlined at the Sponsor Home.

The registration fee for Champion Reader correlates to the number of Readers under the registration. Each Reader receives the Champion Reader Guidebook and takes the Online Test.

Learn more about the program here!

Sponsors must submit the Online Form or the Paper Form to register.